What is a life well spent

Why do I write?

Today is November 3, 2022. Initially I started writing because I wanted a way to improve my writing skills. A way to be creative. Without practice, we can’t get better at anything. Being proficient at something takes hard work. I believe in that. I believe what Dennis Prager of Prager U says- Pursue what’s valuable. He would say pursue an education, pursue relationships, pursue a wife. Work hard. And trust in the Lord for the results for His glory. 

I’m not exactly sure where my writing will lead. But I do know one thing. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I hope my writing can be a blessing to others and be a good reminder. Sometimes I find myself referring back to the very things I wrote- because I’m not perfect and I need these reminders from scripture. 

I want to be able to lead. If I’m every to lead a family, I need to be able to lead myself in the Word and apply it. I’m so thankful for the ability to write.  I think of Job who lost everything but no matter what happened in his life, his character didn’t change. He was the same man even though he may have questioned God. But he repented in Job:42. God will give in times of abundance. God will take away. But for the man of God, His character stays the same no matter what is given. His focus is 100% on others, loving and serving out of a love for God and what He has done for Him on the cross. All I can do is try and trust. We have a responsibility and God is sovereign. I’m not there yet. But by God’s grace, I believe I’m making progress little by little in sanctification. We have a great God!