What does it mean to fear God?

Fear God

Sources: Faith life Study Bible (FSB)/Logos Bible Software

What does it mean to Fear God? When I began  my journey, I was so confused about this term. It seemed like everyone said I fear the Lord. I once met a man who was involved In sexual immorality. And he said he feared the Lord. You’ve probably hear that it means awe or reverence but what exactly does this mean and what’s the implication on our lives of fearing the Lord?

As outlined in the FSB, here is what it means to fear the Lord rearranged in a more understandable way:

What is fearing the Lord a Response to?

  1. It’s a response to his holiness; people fear God because of his mighty deed. Israel responded to God’s saving power with fear (Exodus 14:30-31

What does someone do who fears the Lord?

1)Exhibit trust and obedience by fearing him. (Deut 5:29, 8:6, 10:12-13) Obedience to the Law teach people to fear him. Abraham sacrificed Isaac because he feared Him.

2) Loyalty and Faithfulness to the covenantal God and God alone. No idols, no Baal, no other Gods. (Josh 24:14-15)

3) Trust in God (Pss. 115:11)

Who are the people who fear the Lord?

Community of those faithful to him.

4) IT’s the beginning of Wisdom and Knowledge (Prov 1:7,9:10) (Pss. 111:10)

5) Attitude of Humility resulting in righteous living (Prov. 3:7, 8:13, 14:2, 16:6, 22:4)

6) Worship and praise are equated with fear of the Lord. (Pss. 5:7, 22:23)

Fearing God in Ecclesiastes:

The exhortation to Fear God and Keep His commandments- (Eccl. 12:13)

God acts so that People will fear Him (Eccl 3:14)

Fearing God in relation to Israel:

The Israelites forsook the fear of the Lord; The prophets speak of a restoration of fearing the Lord when they are restored.

Fearing God in the book of Job:

(Job 1:9)

The central question in Job asked by Satan

What are the implications of fearing God?

  1. Protection, Wisdom, Blessing

It seems that Fearing God really is the result of being a Christian. True Christians fear the Lord and pursue wisdom and righteous living. It’s a response to his holiness. As Christians, we strive to reflect His attributes and conform more to Christ every day. We respond to His holiness by pursuing holiness. Pursuing holiness is pursuing Christ. Christ lives in us and the Spirit works in us. As we develop a healthy fear of God, we conform more to Christ for His glory. We glorify God by reflecting His attributes. As we reflect His attributes, we authenticate our Christian identity as proof of the Spirit working within us. This isn’t a legalistic authentication but a result of the saving power of the Spirit in us already. We fear the Lord and keep His commandments. It’s out of a love for him and what he did on the cross that’s motivates us to live out the Christian life and stay in constant fellowship with him. It’a all by grace through faith that it’s even possible. Enjoy the blessings that come from fearing the Lord. You will be blessed.







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